Case study for the provision of consultants at IOC major

OPC has had a service company relationship with this IOC major for over 20 years providing both technical and consultant services in support of their International exploration and production operations.

OPC is supplying reservoir and petroleum engineers, well testing / well services engineers and supervisors and geoscientists on secondment to the client’s operations in the UK, Algeria, Angola, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Oman and Russia. This requires OPC to provide personnel with the required technical expertise
and behaviours and to manage immigration, staff welfare, accommodation, transportation, security, in-country pay-rolling and tax administration.

March 2010 milestone

In March 2010 OPC became the client’s preferred supplier of petrotechnical consultants for their North Sea operations for which the following statements were
made by the client as critical to success of this partnership;

“One of the key factors in choosing OPC to provide consultants is their technical
consulting capability that underpins the selection and supply of consultants. OPC is
not simply a recruitment agency”

“OPC has responded effectively by covering all of the vacant positions”

“We are most significantly impressed with the technical calibre and behaviours of
the OPC consultants who are well suited to their roles”

“OPC is open minded, responsive and professional to deal with”

“OPC is now our first point of calling for petrotechnical consultant services given
this track record”

May 2011 milestone

In May 2011 OPC was invited by the client’s UK procurement supply chain
management on the recommendation of their North Sea operations management
to participate in a major tender for a global master services contract (MSC).
The MSC was for the supply of contingent labour services; reservoir engineers,
petroleum engineers, geologists, geophysicists and petrophysicists for an initial 2
years duration. The client had determined that their existing supplier contracts for
contingent labour were not “fit for purpose” in these disciplines and that a separate
MSC was necessary.

The tender event targeted technical services providers, not recruitment agencies,
in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres to provide the services of an estimated
200+ consultants in 17 countries across UK, Europe, North America, South America,
Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa.

January 2012 milestone

OPC was awarded the MSC on 1st January 2012

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