The original well testing training course was developed for OPC’s Challenge Graduates Scheme in 1998 and it has since evolved, in association with the WTS, to become internationally recognised as “Well Test Interpretation with PIE”. It is delivered to a number of business units on a regular basis, usually twice a year, using the Training Portal web site for promoting the course and its registration. This course has been delivered throughout the world by Piers Johnson, OPC’s UK Managing Director, and Bill Roberts, OPC USA President.

Locations have included:

Caracas, Venezuela; Houston, USA; Bogota, Colombia (regularly); Jakarta, Indonesia; Aberdeen and Sunbury, UK (regularly).

The course teaches the basic theory and the important parameters in well test interpretation, but more importantly how to analyse real test data sets for different kinds of wells (vertical and horizontal) and reservoirs (homogeneous, double porosity, double permeability and hydraulically fractured). More recently this has included reservoir surveillance using data sourced from permanent down hole gauge data.

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