Offshore Production Technology Summit

David Gorsuch, Technical Director of OPC will be presenting at the 9th Annual Offshore Production Technology Summit in London on 1st June.  David will be delivering a technology spotlight workshop alongside with John Harley from INTECSEA which will focus on the importance of integration in sub-surface and surface facilities design. The workshop will include:

  • Integrating world class expertise with technology for cost effective field development planning.
  • Allowing integration of the predictions of the behaviour of the sub-surface with the surface facilities design
  • Communication – passing the right information at the right time and using the right vocabulary.
  • Management of uncertainty – designing for robustness
  • Front-end loading of facilities design – ensuring all the appropriate options are considered.



Full details of the conference can be found at

The INTECSEA / OPC workshop is at 11:20 on the first day and John and David will be available on the INTECSEA stand after the workshop should you wish to discuss any details further.

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