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At OPC we provide high quality training and educational courses on a wide range of topics within the oil and gas industry.   All of our training programmes are hosted and delivered by experienced and industry-recognised tutors – many of whom regularly lecture in collaboration with leading institutions, such as the SPE, Imperial College, London and the Institut Français du Petrole.

Bespoke Training to meet your needs

The majority of our training is delivered through bespoke courses developed to meet the specific requirements of an individual client and the specific training needs of their people. Training is delivered at the client’s location or at a suitable off-site training centre.  It is frequently supported by additional mentoring and ongoing support for the client’s staff.

Our training encompasses a wide range of topics, all of which are key knowledge areas within the oil and gas sector:

OPC Technical Training Services (TTS) develops and delivers technical workshop style training, always tailored to specific client requirements and to individual attendees. Our workshops are aimed at developing a unified approach to developing industry best practices to addressing key technical issues in an organisation.

OPC TTS this year added competency based training analysis to our training capability, designed for oil and gas organisations with an identified skills gap. OPC provide a full Gap Analysis that will identify areas where improvements and change can be made to deliver a positive long term return on investment in human capital.

Our current range of training course includes:

General Management

Field Development Planning
Introduction to Data Management
Petroleum Explored – An Introduction to E&P
The Digital Oilfield
E&PD Contracts (Policy, Process, Monitoring and Assessment)


Introduction to Petroleum Geology
Fundamentals of Applied Petrophysics
Cased Hole Logging & Production Log Evaluation
Seismic Interpretation
AVO and Seismic Inversion
Rock Physics & Petrophysics for Seismic Interpretation
SCAL: Programing, Design, Implementation, QC & Evaluation
Integration of Core & Log Data

Drilling Operations

Introduction to Drilling and Completions Operations
Fundamentals of Well Control
Casing Cementing – Current Leading Practice and New Techniques
Advanced Well Cementing
Advanced Drilling Practices
Advanced Drilling and Completions Techniques

Reservoir & Production Engineering

Practical Well Test Interpretation
Advanced Well Test Interpretation
Reservoir Characterisation
Reservoir Surveillance – Effective Use of Permanent Downhole Pressure Data
Integrated Reservoir Management
Basic Reservoir Engineering for Production operations Staff
Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing
Fractured Reservoirs
Evaluation and Developing Heavy Oil Resources
Advanced Stimulation
Applied Reservoir Engineering
Reservoir Engineering Workshop
Dynamic Reservoir Simulation
Fluid Properties & Phase Behaviour (PVT)
Advanced EOR/IOR
Enhanced Oil Recovery Fundamentals
Evaluation and Management of Fractured Reservoirs

Economics & Commercial

Field Development Planning
Introduction to International Petroleum Economics
Petroleum Economics and Risk Analysis
Petroleum Risk & Decision Analysis
Front End Loading for E&P Projects (FID)
O&G Contracts Agreements


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