OPC provides Geological consultancy to companies within the oil and gas industry. Our geology consultants provide geological support in all stages of the exploration and production life-cycle, including; License round block evaluations, regional and basin studies, farm out services and data room evaluations, geological and reservoir modelling and Field Development Planning.

The OPC Geology team works closely alongside our Geophysics, Petrophysics and Reservoir Engineering teams and have the capability to perform a wide range of integrated subsurface projects.

OPC has access to a full range of industry standard software technology including Petrel, IHS Kingdom and Recall.

Here are selected examples of recent projects undertaken by OPC:

ressimwp522Offshore Africa – OPC performed a review of the reserves and development plan for a Gas Field, offshore Africa


ressimwp522Middle East – Technical assistance in a high level screening study of sand control methods for offshore wells in the Middle East.


ressimwp522Middle East – OPC successfully completed a full static and dynamic modelling and simulation review in order to assess the feasibility of the operator’s appraisal and development plan.

  • Geology and Geophysics study to review 40 Gas Fields looking for late life development opportunities in the UK North Sea.
  • Review of East Nile Delta seismic data for evaluation of infill, appraisal and near field drilling activities
  • Geological, geophysical and petrophysical analysis as part of as due diligence study for fields in Kurdistan, Congo, Cameroon and Nigeria

For further information and to discuss your Geology needs please contact Piers Johnson on +44 20 7428 1111 or by email