Reservoir simulation is at the core of OPCs technical services department. We apply the latest technology and industry standard software together with highly competent in house engineering and geoscience staff, to build geostatistical models and up-scale them to dynamic models for black oil and compositional studies, highly fractured and faulted reservoirs studies, and the pilot studies and implementation of various EOR techniques.  Studies have included tight gas, gas -condensate reservoirs, reservoirs with horizontal wells and field development planning.

Reservoir engineering studies have included phase behaviour and equation of state modelling and production engineering.

OPC has access to industry standard software technology including Eclipse 100/300, Petrel, MBAL, Prosper, GAP, Kraken and PIE.

Reservoir Simulation

  • Extensive experience with Eclipse
  • Black-oil simulation
  • Compositional simulation
  • Horizontal wells & fractured reservoirs
  • CO₂ miscible floods, water & steam floods
  • Gas condensate & tight gas reservoirs

Conversions of data sets between simulators

Here are selected examples of recent projects undertaken by OPC: