Technical staff at a leading operating company in Kazakhstan are more knowledgeable and better able to interpret well test data thanks to a series of training courses run by OPC.  The series of three training courses covered key technical topics within well testing including Well Test Interpretation, Well Integrity and Wireline Intervention. The courses were hosted and operated by OPC Kazakhstan using training facilities in Aksai using experienced visiting lecturers including OPC Managing Director Piers Johnson.

Piers said “The course was well organised and the attendees were all enthusiastic and engaged well. We were able to examine data provided by the company so the attendees could see a practical application of what they were learning.”


OPC was one of three training providers asked to tender for the project and was selected in no small part thanks to the positive feedback of previous training.  Piers explains “One of the company engineers had studied the Reservoir Geoscience & Engineering Masters course at the IFP in Paris where I lecture on well test interpretation.  Thanks to his recommendation, OPC was chosen ahead of some world-renowned experts on well test interpretation.”

The client invested in the training in order to upskill their technical staff and OPC will be offering ongoing mentoring and support to the attendees as well as to the client as a whole.

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