Fraser Well Management

Integrated geoscientific investigation, well planning, well testing and interpretation

Fraser Well Management

Through our alliance with Fraser Well Management we provide additional expert services to our customers and ensure that geoscientific investigation, well planning, testing and interpretation is performed efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.”

Fraser Well Management is a leading well project management company covering the full well lifecycle both onshore and offshore from exploration drilling through to well plug and abandonment.

When well planning, management and interpretation are performed by different parties in isolation they often result in poorly understood project objectives due to a lack of understanding of the subsurface drivers. The OPC/Fraser alliance ensures that these activities are planned and operated with execution and interpretation in mind and removes the communication barriers that often exist between the subsurface and well execution disciplines.

Nick Ford from Fraser Well Management said:

We have worked with OPC on several projects worldwide in the last couple of years, this alliance announcement cements that relationship. The key attraction for both organisations is the complementary relationship, where OPC can support our clients on the subsurface aspects and conversely we can support OPC on the well engineering aspects. We look forward to developing our relationship further over the coming years and delivering some outstanding results for our clients.

Contact Piers Johnson on +44 20 7428 1111 for more details of our alliance with Fraser Well Management

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