Case study for the provision of an integrated team at GCC NOC

OPC has since 2006 had an exclusive contract with a GCC NOC as the petroleum engineering consultancy responsible for providing technical consultants in the areas of petroleum exploration, development and production.

Due to the client’s requirement to ensure data integrity and confidentiality the services are carried out on the client’s premises (office and well site, on and offshore). OPC’s resources comprise of staff and consultants seconded under long term staffing contracts (rotational, residential, single and family status)

OPC’s in-country office provides the workforce management; safe and efficient deployment and resettlement, managing all aspects of immigration, accommodation, transportation, banking, schooling, social welfare and taxation. OPC’s UK consultant services team provides recruitment, payroll and mobilisation support.

OPC resources

  1. Carry out individual projects e.g., review, project management and introduction of intelligent automation for oil wells or enhanced oil recovery review for a specific field or
  2. Are fully integrated into the client’s resources for larger projects including OPC personnel in senior roles i.e., we have 3 heads of department currently deployed for exploration, surveillance and geology and 1 acting head of department; offshore reservoir engineering supervising the client’s and OPC personnel on wider projects.

OPC resources currently deployed

  1. 7 Well site geologists
  2. 6 Petroleum engineers
  3. 5 Reservoir engineers
  4. 3 Heads of department (plus 1 acting)
  5. 2 Drilling engineers
  6. 2 Day shift drilling supervisors
  7. 1 Test planning engineer
  8. 2 DST engineers
  9. 1 PVT specialist
  10. 1 Petrophysicist
  11. 1 Cementing specialist
  12. 1 Geophysicist
  13. 1 Intelligent oilfield consultant
  14. 1 Production geologist

The following key aspects of our partnership with the client have been identified as critical to our success

  1. Strong, professional reputation
  2. In-country management led by a senior petroleum engineer
  3. Stable consultant workforce (all consultants have renewed their contracts over the last 3 years)
  4. Intake of consultants increased from 12 to 30 in the last 3 years with the contract extended to cover drilling personnel

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