Case study for the provision of search services at IOC major

OPC has had a service company relationship with this IOC major for over 20 years
providing both technical and consultant services in support of their International
exploration and production operations.

OPC’s long relationship was this Client was founded through the supply of reservoir
and petroleum engineers, well testing / well services engineers and supervisors
and geoscientists on secondment to the client’s operations in the UK, Algeria,
Angola, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Oman and Russia. The provision of consultant services
has required OPC to provide personnel with the required technical expertise
and behaviours, and to manage immigration, staff welfare, accommodation,

transportation, security, in-country pay-rolling and tax administration. To read more
about the provision of consultants to this client, please click here

March 2010 milestone

In March 2010 OPC’s relationship with the client had developed to OPC being
their “first point of calling” for petrotechnical consultants for North Sea operations.
The client was most significantly impressed with the “technical calibre and
behaviours of the OPC consultants who are well suited to their roles”. The client
determined that it is “OPC’s technical consulting capability that underpins the
selection and supply of consultants” that makes the difference.

November 2010 milestone

In November 2010, OPC was approached by the client with the request to find
consultants who were potentially interested in joining their staff to provide for
succession planning and staff turnover. The approach centred on using OPC’s
extensive database of subsurface petrotechnical personnel to search for candidates
who were interested in career path development through permanent employment.
Furthermore, that OPC would deploy the same recruitment skills that underpinned
the selection and supply of its consultants. It was agreed that OPC would undertake
this task initially for 3 petroleum engineering vacancies for the client’s Aberdeen
office. The roles ranged varied between practical petroleum engineering; well
performance assessment, rating, planning and supervision of wellwork campaigns
and production systems modelling.

February 2011 milestone

Between November 2010 and February 2011, OPC provided the client a shortlist
of five candidates leading to three interviews, two offers of employment and
two acceptances. The third vacancy was filled by a candidate from an internal
staff referral. OPC’s performance resulted in a recommendation from North Sea
operations management that OPC be promoted to “preferred supplier” status for
search recruitment services.

April 2011 milestone

OPC was awarded a 2 year master services contract on 15th April 2011 for UK search recruitment services.

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