Coring Expert

Job Title                         : Coring Specialist

Directorate / Dept.        : Subsurface Development & Exploration / Operated   
                                           Onshore Oilfield Development                         

Primary Purpose of the Job
The incumbent is expected to be the subject matter expert for designing a detailed coring program, specially in this case with respect to enhanced oil recovery project. The job requirement involves but is not limited to the selection of coring techniques (low invasion, liquid trapper or pressurized core), coring operation, core wellsite handling and sampling, core preservation and transportation to the laboratory, and ensuring we obtain representative and reliable core material for the laboratory analysis such as RCAL, SCAL and Geomechanic tests that can be used for Residual Oil Saturation evaluation, 3D static and dynamic models and the project performance evaluation.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Design the comprehensive coring program in coordination with other team members such as Geologists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, and Drilling Engineers etc. and with the selected coring service company representatives
  2. Update detailed procedures covering coring operations, core recovery from reservoir, core wellsite handling and sampling, core storage and transportation in coordination with drilling, wellsite engineers and laboratory staff as stipulated in the coring program
  3. Initiate and co-ordinate in-house, laboratory, and specialist consultant activities across subsurface and drilling disciplines
  4. Oversee day-to-day coring operations and liaise with the coring service company and drilling rig representatives in the field on coring operations to maximize the potential for the greatest overall success of the coring operation
  5. Supervise and monitor day-to-day coring performance, ensure correct coring protocols and procedures to all rig site representatives and report daily activities to coring operations as necessary
  6. Inspect and ensure that the availability of coring equipment (primary and backup) provided by the coring service company
  7. Coordinate and compile coring performance data for end of well reports for jobs performed and assist in compilation of complete and accurate reports for company requirements and insight
  8. Update the coring procedure/manual with lessons learned for future reference
  9. Complete all required paperwork i.e. JSAs, pre-job safety meetings, field tickets, daily reports, daily costs, core logs and other as requested
  10. Comply with HSE standards of the Company

Decision Making Authority

  • Within broad guidelines set by the Head of Geosciences or Team leader, the position is answerable for his actions, and for the consequences of them
  • Within broad guidelines set by the Team leader, the position will undertake near real-time monitoring for coring operation, and provide instruction to service operators with the objective to optimize core recovery as stipulate in the coring program

Context / Special Features / Challenges

  • Requires expert knowledge and significant experience in planning coring operations
  • Multiple competing demands for core will need to be managed, prioritized and optimized and mitigations for unexpected events will need to be built into plans
  • Demonstrate considerable independence because of the specialist nature of work, the success of which can only be measured after its conclusion and implementation of recommendations. Integrate and leverage the key variables in finding solutions to wide-ranging problems involving multiple disciplines
  • Identify subsurface uncertainties and develop mitigations/solutions by assessing alternatives and related risk/reward
  • The incumbent will need to be on the wellsite, or on call, for extended periods. The incumbent will need a mental rigour to deal with frequent disruptions outside working hours and to make optimal operational decisions regardless of the nature or timing of the disruption
  • Ensure that relevant environmental and safety standards are enacted for all projects and activities under his authority, and produce high quality of “fit-for-purpose” deficiency free work. Through the quality of the work, establish a high degree of trust between different disciplines of the team

Qualification / Knowledge / Skills / Experience

  • Prefer 15+ years’ work experience as a Coring / SCAL Specialist with a broad knowledge and previous experience in well operation, coring operation, wellsite core handling and sampling, core storage/preservation, sedimentology, Core RCAL and SCAL, and Core Geomechanic test
  • B.Sc. degree in Geology with extensive petroleum geology training, M.Sc. is preferred
  • Due to the complex nature of the job and level of expertise needed, incumbent is expected to be able to work without significant technical oversight in accordance with standards and QP approved department policies, guidelines and procedures
  • Must have carbonate reservoir experience and work on mature producing fields where the integration of production data has been used to constrain interpretation and uncertainty management
  • Must have strong teamwork skills, and it would be an advantage to have experience working in a multicultural environment
  • Be fully conversant and have good working knowledge of all relevant computer applications in his discipline
  • Given the seniority and expertise of position, the incumbent is expected to have significant credibility and the ability to work collaboratively with all the key stakeholders


  • Desirable to have experience in CO2 enhanced oil recovery technique, well log interpretation, and 3D static geomodelling
  • Desirable to have experience in contract administration and new tender document preparation and evaluation

Schedule Duration

  • 6 months duration (5 months prior to coring and 1 month post coring)


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