OPC’s drilling and well services capability covers a wide range of services on a global scale across a wide spectrum of different formations and subsurface conditions (HP/HT, H2S, Horizontal and Directional). Capability includes onshore and offshore operations (shallow and deep water) and covers the following:

  • Well engineering, planning and design
  • Completions engineering, design and supervision
  • Well Interventions, production optimisation
  • Well-site supervision
  • Well testing
  • Drilling management

OPC well testing experience covers all possible well types; horizontal and vertical, oil and gas, HPHT, in both onshore and offshore (shallow and deep-water) locations globally.

Our capability within drilling and well services has been significantly enhanced as a result of an alliance that we created in early 2017 with Fraser Well Management.  Fraser Well Management is a leading well project management company covering the full well lifecycle both onshore and offshore from exploration drilling through to well plug and abandonment. Over its 13-year history and 60 well track record, Fraser Well Management has provided clients with risk management on commercial, technical and scheduling aspects of onshore and offshore wells. Fraser Well Management’s services range from specialist well engineering studies, to well abandonment reviews, to full well project management.

OPC announces alliance with Fraser Well Management



Here are selected examples of recent projects undertaken by OPC:

  • Technical assistance in a high level screening study of sand control methods for offshore wells in the Middle East.

For further information and to discuss your Drilling & Well Engineering needs please contact Piers Johnson on +44 20 7428 1111 or by email