Oil rig burner

OPC’s production engineering / petroleum engineering expertise covers projects worldwide as well as various types of wells and reservoirs: oil, gas and gas condensate reservoirs; vertical, horizontal, deviated offshore and onshore producers and injectors. Our production engineering consultants specialise in well and reservoir performance, production optimisation and identification of underperforming wells. Our aim is to find the best time-effective and cost-effective solutions for well remediation and overall production enhancement. OPC uses industry standard and widely recognised software packages, such as PROSPER, MBAL, GAP and FORGAS.  Our services are extensive and include the following:

  • Production data review
  • Material balance
  • Reservoir performance
  • Well performance
  • Vertical flow/vertical lift performance
  • Nodal analysis
  • Compressor optimisation planning
  • Production optimisation planning
  • Well remediation planning