Oil platform

OPC provides specialist Reservoir Surveillance and monitoring services using Pressure Transient Analysis to help operators maximise revenue from their oil and gas assets. Effective Reservoir surveillance/monitoring can help:

  • Improve reservoir characterisation.
  • Monitoring of well productivity or injectivity.
  • Identify work-over candidates.
  • Diagnose well performance issues for a more informed discussion on remedial work.
  • Identify production allocation errors.
  • Fracturing of injection wells, and development of fractures through time.

OPC can utilise a wide range of data, including permanent down hole pressure and temperature gauges and production logging (PLT).  OPC can give expert advice and support to your existing asset teams to come to an optimal strategy for work-over campaigns.

OPC expert consultants can also be seconded into your organisation on short, medium or long term assignments in order to provide you with a dedicated reservoir surveillance specialist.

Previous studies completed by OPC include:

  • Ongoing long term multi-field surveillance study, deepwater GoM, for a large international operator. OPCs expertise has helped characterise reservoirs which are situated below salt formations, limiting the applicability of seismic surveys.